100 Days of Design: Week 2

I feel like the limitations I’ve set in week 1 are making things pretty hard (see my instagram redesign). Hopefully as I get used to working against the clock I’ll be able to adapt. To be fair, I feel like this week had a steady increase in quality. I was also insanely busy with other work, so that may have effected it as well. There are, however, a few serious wins from week 2 of the challenge:

The good stuff

On day 10 I decided to give Principle a shot, and was pretty happy with it! My design for day 10 is total garbage, but I’m super happy with how easy the Sketch -> Principle workflow was. After just a few hours I felt comfortable enough with the workflow to send some animated mockups to a client.

I rarely use dark color palettes, so day 9 is an accomplishment. I feel like it’s my strongest design of the week. I spent a ton of time working with sizes and palettes on this one. Certain go-to visual elements of mine feel totally different on a dark background, so I had to so some serious tweaking.

All in all, this week was a great learning experience — can’t wait to see what week three brings. Principle is working great, but if anyone has any recommendations for a new software of framework I should be learning let me know!


Day 6 — Profile

Wanted to try my hand at redesigning an existing interface. I’ve never loved Instagram’s UI, so I chose that. My attempt did not go well — the end result is worse than original. I added “frequently used tags” section — I do like this feature

Day 7 — Account Settings

Made another profile page to make amends for the mess I made yesterday

The profile has a pretty boring color scheme, but —
It comes with an optional fun version (it has bicycles)

Day 8–404 Page

This was more about intent than about the actual design itself. A big pet peeve of mine is when website write off their 404 pages and put a funny picture or something quirky on it — I guess thats sort of cool, but I would rather up conversions.

Day 9 — Music Player

Ok, tried to make a darker layout here. Not super happy with it but it came together better than I was expecting in the end. Had serious doubts at the half hour mark. Went over time by 10 minutes on this one because of a plug-in issue (so it doesn’t realllly count).

Day 10 — Share Button

I decided to try my hand at principle. Part of this challenge is learning, and I realized quickly that an hour doesn’t really led me to expand my skills with more detailed and time consuming things in sketch. While I was optimizing some of my workflow, I was cutting also corners to make my one hour deadline, and thats just generating bad habits. So, for the simpler designs I think I’ll try out some new software — starting with principle.

I was pretty disappointed with this design overall. I really need to work on sizing and exporting, because clearly it’s in rough shape. Normally I’d go back and fix it, but I decided to publish the low res image as a reminder and a progress marker for later designs. However, principle was much easier to use than I originally expected. I feel like I have a decent grasp of it even though I’m only a few days into my free trial!

I realllllly need a new iphone mockup

Thanks for reading! Follow me to stay updated on the progress of the challenge. Also, consider recommending this page to your followers and friends — more eyes on me = more pressure to produce quality work. If you liked any of the stuff I posted today or in pervious weeks, let’s chat about it!

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Developer @ SSENSE. Really fun guy.

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Quinn Langille

Quinn Langille

Developer @ SSENSE. Really fun guy.

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