100 Days of Design: Week 3

I’m feeling pretty good about this weeks work. The last two prompts we’re great for principle animations. Also, I found out that the free trial is 14 use days, not 14 days totally. Nice!

I’ve had an insanely busy week outside of the challenge, and definitely spent some late nights trying to cram these in but I’m happy I managed to get them all done.

Check them out below and let me know what you think!

Day 11

Admittedly, this was a rush job. I really wanted to animate it but just didn’t have the time. I’m still happy wit how it turned out though! My sketch workflow is really speeding up, I think I busted these out in like 10 minutes?

Day 12

I had just finished the Nike episode of abstract and figured I’d use their product to do a store redesign. This is a tablet interface and, aside from the use of color, doesn’t really improve on their current interface (and, it likely shouldn’t given that I made it in 35 minutes).

Day 13

I basically just ripped off messenger and made it look a little cooler. This was great practice for symbols and general interface workflow. I used Invision’s data plugin to populate all the forms and it makes stuff like this SO EASY.

Day 14

This was a total pain in the ass. If anyone knows a better way to animate something like this in Principle without making 15 different art boards, let me know!

This gif came out super low resolution. Not 100% what happened in the export process…

Day 15

Wanted to make this cooler but I couldn’t get the animation as smooth as I wanted. It was supposed to look like it was being bounced off the ground for on and being thrown overhead for off.

Thanks for reading! Follow me to stay updated on the progress of the challenge. Also, consider recommending this page to your followers and friends — more eyes on me = more pressure to produce quality work. If you liked any of the stuff I posted today or in pervious weeks, let’s chat about it!




Developer @ SSENSE. Really fun guy.

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Quinn Langille

Quinn Langille

Developer @ SSENSE. Really fun guy.

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