100 Days of Design: Week 5

Principle Trial Days Remaining = 0

Quinn Langille
3 min readMar 24, 2017


I’m on my last day of my Principle free trial, which means I’ll be starting next week with a new program. I’m going to spend the weekend deliberating, but I’m thinking of trying out Framer, Adobe XD, or Origami. Hopefully I’ll have something new up and going by next week!

This weeks designs (aside from Day 21) were completely animated! I’ve totally integrated animated mockups into my client workflow, so running out of this free trial is going to be crippling haha I might have to bite the bullet and actually pick up an app.

Day 21 — Home Monitor

I’ve been thinking of getting my parents into a home monitoring system for years, since I first saw Nest. I made this design as easy to understand as I could, but the extra planning took away from my time to polish. I’m not super happy with the turnout, but it works.

Day 22 — Search Bar

I realized on Tuesday that this is my last week with Principle, so going forward all my designs will be animated. This is the first design I’ve made where I had the animation in mind before I even opened Sketch. It’s a better way to work, and I’ll likely use that process for the rest of the week!

Day 23 — On-Boarding

This is the most complicated (looking) Principle animation I’ve designed so far. I’m really happy with the turnout!

Day 24 — Boarding Pass

Air Canada’s e-passes are super boring, and while mine wont work in passbook it’s at least animated! Realistically, I wish the major airlines would get together and standardize an electronic boarding pass template. This would present obvious security risks, but a man can dream.

Day 25 — Tv App

I chose Netflix almost instinctively here — which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense because I love their UI. My only qualm with it is all the scrolling (which is necessary, given the amount of information the app presents). So, because I could, I went super minimal on this and kept it to one scroll locked page.

After seeing the mockup I wish I had added another movie cover beside Stranger Things to make the layout look fuller — but I guess hind-sight is 20/20.

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